Singh's Truck Driving School is expert in the trade and they know how to train the person as per their abilty to make sure they will pass the exam. I am very happy with the service and the trainer was very polite and nice man. Jag Singh (Now Licensed MR Driver) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I would recommend Singh's Truck Driving School to everyone who is learning to drive. I never had to drive until I move to Australia and I have had another school but was not satisfied with there services. I was very anxious after my relatively bad experience with the previous school, but Instructor's calmness and politeness in my first lesson already took all my worries away. He was very patient and he helped me tackled my weaknesses very effectively With the collective help of STDS, I passed in one go! Harry (Now Licensed HR Driver) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I really appreciate your teaching skills and expertise the way you have given me the honour and privilege of being your student. Sid .


We have all kinds of trucks training available. Talk to us what suits your needs. We provide training and assessments for following licence classes:

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